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7/16/2019 : 4:28 am : +0200

European unions agree upon close cooperation

The participants (Standing, from left to right) Petar Abrachev (FSOGDSP - Bulgarien), Tom Leonard (IGM), Gaby Tegeder (AuL Bielefeld), Michal Teraz (OS DLV - Tschechien), Vasile Badica (FSLIL - Rumänien), Gisbert Brenneke (AuL Bielefeld), Lyubka Antova (FSOGSDP - Bulgarien), Bjarne Jensen (TIB - Dänemark), Stroe Alexandru (FSLIL - Rumänien), William van der Straeten (EFBH - Brüssel), Josef Basny (OS DLV Morava 1 - Tschechien) In the line up front: the organisators the project: Wolfgang Bonneik, IGM management board (left) and Klaus Gutbrod, Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld (mid)

(07.03.2008) The European sector network INNOTrans met on the 25th to 26th of November 2007 to initiate the project at the IGM management board in Frankfurt. The Partners of  this border-crossing sector cooperation in the field of "Labour and Innovation" in the timber and furniture industry derive from employee representations and unions from Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Romania and the Czech Republic.

The project is a common initiative of Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld and the IGM management board Frankfurt. We share the interest of our European partners to strengthen the innovative and employment capabilities in the timber and furniture sector through employee initiatives on company and branch levels. For this reason, the network organizes a systematic exchange of information and experiences. This is an essential requirement for an innovation based development of the sector to support a fair competition conditions for places of work, labour standards and salaries.

In transnational partnership declarations, the following objectives were agreed upon:

  • Collection and exchange of information about the sector situation in the participating countries
  • Cooperation of the actors for the strategy development to solve the problems of company and sector politics
  • Two-way information and experience exchange about the basic conditions and the praxis of company-based interest representation within the timber / furniture sector
  • Exchange of country specific ways and experiences for the innovation-motivated structural change in the sector
  • Acknowledgement of example activities and employee initiatives for the development of location and employment in the participating countries
  • Development of sector information and common activity guidelines for the timber and furniture sector

In 2008, project meetings and workshops will take place within the agenda of this sector network. The results will be published in an European sector report and a guideline for company-based interest representation.
(Gisbert Brenneke . Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld e.V.) (->picture-gallery)