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7/16/2019 : 4:01 am : +0200

INNOTrans partners create base for more cooperation

(20.03.2008) On the 16th and 17th March, the INNOtrans partners from six different countries implemented their second European network meeting in Bucharest. The focus was on the presentation and discussion of the national country reports about the different situation in the furniture and timber sector from the point of view of national trade-unions. These reports are an important base for the common comprehension of country-specific developments in the timber and furniture sector in Europe. Especially our partners from the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria were able to analyse with INNOtrans the strength and the failing the current trade situation with the background of the historical development and the political and economical opening of their countries. The partners worked systematically and could present compact information about the sector in their specific countries.
There were discussions about the European standards especially in the view of international competitiveness of the sector to the competition from China and other regions in Asia. Another major topic of the discussion was the specific problems in Central and South-Eastern Europe with the implementation of pan-European standards in the companies. The discussion showed that there are a lot of differences in labour and social standards in these two countries compared to the other ones. There are still a lot of differences and backlog demands especially in the field of modernisation of the companies, development of salaries, investments and innovations in qualification of skilled workers and the protection of labour and health.
"The exchange of information with other European partners in the frame of INNOtrans is a big help in identifying our own existing challenges and in finding solutions for our national and European problems." This conclusion gave the president of the Romanian union of wood FSLIL Vasile Badica.
In the context of the future work, the INNOtrans partners will deal with the country specific strengths and challenges in the timber and furniture industry. These will be combined in a positive and negative list for the involved countries. The focus points for the future work will have to be chosen. The reciprocal exchange of information about the operating and the union possibilities will be very important for positive developments in the interest of the sector and its employees and what have to be done to overcome backlogs and to improve the advances in the companies and the sector as a whole. The INNOtrans partners decided that the subject "good, safe and better work" is the main topic for the future work. Thereto colleagues and representatives of unions will actively work in the network. The aim is to bring forward the common understanding of the aims and contents of "better work" and the implementation of proposals and concrete improvements, too. This will be done in the workshop in Rome, which is planned for May 2008. The host of this workshop is our Italian partner FILCA-CISL.
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