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6/24/2021 : 8:31 am : +0200


We are going to continue the intensified trade union cooperation in the wood and furniture industry which started in 2007. The follow-up project - INNO 2 - begins  on November 1st, 2009

  • with additional partners in the EU27
  • with current information about the ongoing crisis and its results for employees
  • with the focus on "Developing the Future through Qualification and Further Training

With INNOTrans, we have laid the foundation for a sector-political cooperation of trade unions and works councils and in the wood and furniture sector.
The cooperation in the sector network allowed us:

  • To initialise structured exchange of information about developments in the sector, different national standards for labour and social issues and difference in interest representation, collective wage agreements etc.;
  • To improve the sector-political general knowledge through national sector reports;
  • To implement information and educative events where we could exchange about national as well as European challenges;
  • To initialise a sector-political and cross-company exchange of information with shop stewards and union workplace representatives about standards and innovation potentials;
  • To identify and compare national differences of working conditions and to develop common aims and fields of activities for our concept of "Good Work".
  • To develop a continuous exchange of information and mutually useable resources on the base of a bilingual (German/English) homepage;
  • To create a common platform for ideas and proposals for future activities.


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