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7/16/2019 : 4:46 am : +0200

INNOTrans - Workshop "Good Labour"

(09.05.2008) The European Woodworking and furniture industry is an export and company oriented sector which becomes more and more a part of an European and transnational network. For the INNOTrans partners this means yes to competition, but not a competition about the lowest prices but a competition about the best quality. Therefore, qualified personnel and basic conditions in the company that are conducive to innovation.

This leads to the question how labour political changes at the place of work and the company can influence and improve the working conditions of the employees but which also pay of for the companies through better quality, higher standards and more efficient performance. This and other questions are the focus of the INNOTrans workshop which will take place in Rome at the 18th and 19th May 2008. The host is the Italian network partner FILCA-CISL. For the first time, work councils from all six partner countries will participate in this Europe-wide exchange of information. The meeting shall contribute in bringing forward the industry-wide exchange of information, to develop a mutual understanding of requirements for "good labour" and to narrow down consistent standards for the improvement of company locations.

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