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Access to information

(13.09.2008) 'The access to information is an important requirement for a stronger cooperation in Europe' the European network partners concluded on the for the time being last meeting on August the 17th - 18th, 2008 in Helsingor (Denmark). The two topics up front of the meeting were the retrospective view on the project's achievements and the collective preparation of the final activities to gain usable results for the continuation in the wood and furniture sector.

According to the evaluation of the partners, INNOTrans was a first and important step on the way to a permanent transnational network structure and for the solidification of the sector-political cooperation between trade unions and company-based interest representatives on a European level. On of the essential successes in this direction was the improvement of the information basis about trends and developments in the wood and furniture sector. INNOTrans allowed the fast access to sector-political information from other European countries. Additionally, the partners have brought their own related activities on their way to enlarge the information base in national level, e.g. through sector information, newsletters, conferences or Internet publications.

An essential focus point were the preparations of the project's final activities up to October 2008. In the centre of these activities is the documentation and publication of the project's results as a base of information for the continuation of activities on a national level. Therefore, the national sector reports are summarized to a EU sector monitor. The EU sector monitor fulfils the role of a compass for developments and trends in the wood and furniture sector. It is meant to present the different historical, economic and social developments as well as the mutual interests and approaches for improvements in the operative praxis. In addition to this informative part, national experiences and practical examples from companies to the field of innovation of 'Qualification and Further Training' are documented separately in a praxis part.

On the base of the INNOTrans workshop 'Good Labour' in May 2008, the project partners agreed upon the key topics of 'Qualification and Further Training' as the centrepiece of the final conference on October the 5th - 6th, 2008 in Hannover. For the debate about this sector-political important topic, extern presentations and praxis reports of the company- and trade union-based network partners are provided. In a final discussion, mutual "vertices for a European sector strategy for qualification and further training of employees" shall be debated and agreed upon.

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