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7/16/2019 : 4:21 am : +0200

INNOTrans Final Confernce in Hannover

Participants of the INNOTrans final confernce in Hannover 5th/6th Oktober 2008

On invitation of Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld e.V. (project carrier) and the IG Metall (major partner), the two days final conference of the INNOTrans project took place in Hannover on the 5th to 6th of October, 2008. Altogether, 42 colleagues participated, including project representatives from the partner trade unions in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Romania as well as company-based interest representatives from important sector companies in the specific countries.

In his opening speech, Klaus Gutbrod, the executive director of Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld emphasized the successful cooperation within the INNOTrans network and called upon the project partners for trade union activities with a stronger focus on the European scale. The objective is to design and further a "solidary renewed Europe".

In a retrospective of 12 months of INNOTrans project activities, Gisbert Brenneke, the project coordinator at Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld, informed about contents, experiences and results of the network cooperation. The conclusion was combined with concrete suggestions for a continuation in the European framework.

Through the presentation of von Guntram Schneider, head of the German Trade Union Alliance in Northrine-Westphalia, an interesting discussion came up about the topic of "further training and qualification in Europe - perspectives for growth and employment" as a common challenge for the European sector and trade union politics.

Three discussions offered additional possibilities to exchange information and to debate about the conference?s contents. The topics were (1) the importance of INNOTrans in the praxis of the national trade union partners, (2) the operative problems and approaches of education and qualification on the base of company-based practical reports and (3) the discussion of mutual corner stones for a European sector strategy in the wood and furniture sector.
An important topic of the discussion of the final conference was also the question how to continue in future and how a sustainable, active structure in the European trade union compound can be developed.
All reports and material about this conference will be available on this website for download (in German and English) in the next days .

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