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6/24/2021 : 8:56 am : +0200

InnoTrans - European Networking for information and innovation transfer in SME - branches using the example of the timber and furniture industry

Supported by the EU in the frame of social dialogue


INNOTrans  supports the foundation of an European network of union and company actors from the timber and furniture sector.

INNOTrans is a transnational working sector project which is implemented by Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld (project carrier), the IGM board of directors Frankfurt, the European woodworker federation in Brussels and five additional sector unions in Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria and conveyed by the EU Commission. The project started in November 2007 and will end in October 2008.

With INNOTrans, an employee-oriented platform for communication and information is formed which enables employees to exchange information and experiences, to create an European network and to participate actively in innovative processes of change in the company and the whole sector.