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7/16/2019 : 4:11 am : +0200


The main target of INNOTrans is to further the social change and company based labour standards and the total employment potential of the timber and furniture sector on an European scale. Therefore, employee representations and unions will be supported to  improve their coordination within the EU, to enlarge existing competences, develop European sector know-how and to participate actively in company discussions about measurements of location and employment development. This is an essential requirement for an innovation based development of the sector to support a fair competition conditions for places of work, labour standards and salaries. (...more)



The focus of the project's implementation are activities for the gathering of information and the transnational cooperation of union and company-based interest representations in the timber and furniture sector. These tasks are collected into three topics: building of an European sector network for information and exchange (1), acknowledgement of information about company and sector development (2) and creation of activity guidelines and materials for the operative praxis (3). (...more)