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7/16/2019 : 3:53 am : +0200

Partner in Denmark

Forbundet Træ-Industri-Byg (TIB)
Holz-, Industrie- und Bauarbeitergewerkschaft in Dänemark

In the period from 1870-1890 became many of the trade unions who today make up TIB created. TIB is the result of a large number of merging of trade unions within wood-, the industry- and the building business. TIB was created on January 1st 1997. In the mean time has also a row of smaller organization come into the family, so that TIB today organizes 32 different trades. About 68.000 joiners, carpenters, floor-layers, wood industry workers, sawmill workers, glaziers and others are unionised in the Wood Industry and Building Workers Union in Denmark.

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Anschrift / Address

Forbundet Træ-Industri-Byg
Mimersgade 41
2200 København N