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6/24/2021 : 7:05 am : +0200

INNOTrans is a sector political community initiative of Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld and the IG Metall management board Frankfurt. The EFBH in Brussels coordinates the flow of information on an European level.



IG Metall Management Board Frankfurt


European European Federation of Building and Woodworkers - EFBWW



INNOTrans is a part of a sector related education cooperation of Arbeit und Leben Bielefeld e.V. with the IG Metall management board Frankfurt for employees and employee representatives in the timber and furniture industry.
Sector seminars and symposia convey sector political basics, convey the exchange of experiences between companies and inform about trends, topics and developments. Therefore, employee representatives gain the necessary knowledge and practical tools to represent the interest of employees successfully.

More Information about sector specific eduction cooperation.

Project executing organisation

Arbeit und Leben e.V. Bielefeld is an organisation committed to social and professional further education close to the trade unions and therefore committed to the objectives of the DGB

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